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Reshape, Reload, Reengage, Ready for the next 25 years

Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

16-19 October 2019


Time flies very fast. Before we know it, the 24th Indonesia Rendezvous is now behind us and the 25th Indonesia Rendezvous is fast approaching


Insurance industry has been around for a long time with continuous adjustment to various aspects like new regulation, what happened in the other industries and very significant change or even disruption due to a very rapid technological advancement.


The first Indonesia Rendezvous was held 25 years ago and this year we are holding the 25th IR. If we bring our memory to the series of IR we have had in the past 24 years, we will see how market have moved. It is therefore, worthwhile to take time to look back at what has been achieved in the past and ponder what needs to be done to get ready for the future.



The 25th Indonesia Rendezvous will be focusing on what the insurance industry and insurance companies may need to do in order to prepare for the next 25 years journey by taking into account what has been learned in the past, what is currently happening in the market and more importantly what is expected to happen that may demand significant change or adjustment to the way insurance industry has been performing its business in the past. The shifting of insurance professionals and buyer from baby boomer and gen X to Gen Y, Gen Z and millennials, shifting of perception and definition of what is called risk, what road-map the authority may have for the future and further technological advancement are several factors that needs to be considered. These will be discussed comprehensively in the seminar and panel discussion with theme Reshape, Reload, Reengage, Ready for the next 25 years.


The organizing committee of the 25th Indonesia Rendezvous invites speakers both from overseas and domestic insurance markets. In addition to speakers from within the industry, the organizing committee will also invite speakers from other industries including student as a representative of the future generation. They will share their views, dreams, expectation, what they foresee will happen, what actions need to be done and taken into account, what they have experienced in other industries and their thoughts on various aspects that will inspire the audiences.


We wish all of you, the 25th Indonesia Rendezvous participants to have an enlightenment of the theme and can take this opportunity to build and strengthen relationship amongst insurance players attending the event, to have a fruitful business meetings and at the same time enjoy many great things Bali Island has to offer.


Rismauli Silaban                                  Adi Pramana

Organizing Committee                       Head of International Relation of AAUI


Source: https://www.indonesia-rendezvous.com/